Nino Zaridze

A gem from Georgia, in the heart of Eastern Europe, has her setting here in New York City.


Nino Zaridze is an award winning bespoke jewelry designer and the Principal of NZR Jewelry LLC.


Nino's natural artistic talents and expressions, vividly characterizing her bespoke creations are inspired by the varied and vast cultures throughout Europe and the Middle East. Each piece of "art" is accented by flares of Nature and architectural design.


No detail is too small nor too large for Nino's work. A passion for and a knowledge of stones, colors and her clients are incorporated into reflecting the detail composition of every piece of fine jewelry Nino creates. The result is a piece of jewelry personalized to the person wearing her creation.


Nino’s reputation is well regarded in the jewelry world. Her relations with and respect among her peers empowers Nino to harvest some of the finest diamonds and rare colored stones to complement and accent the client and his/her style.

NZR Jewelry LLC

Custom Jewelry Design

200 Central Park South, Suite 6E

New York, NY 10019, USA